Written in the Stars

Okay…so it’s been forever. *insert excuse—NOPE! No excuses. Why? Because I have none. I’ve somehow let this little thing called writing get away from me. But see…it’s not little. In fact, it’s huge! Huge for my mind, huge for my spirit, huge just all around.

**Heads up, no idea where this post is going, other than in a very honest and transparent direction. If that’s not really your jam, I TOTALLY get it. Hop on outta’ here if you need.**

Writing is so much more than a daily sit at the computer, contemplating the next story, character, or plot point. It’s freedom. At least, it always has been for me anyway. Writing is an escape; that moment of breath in the midst of an otherwise chaotic world. And, I know I’m not the only one who feels this way: pent up, eager to smash down walls and rebuild cities of my own design. It’s what we do as writers, right? CREATE.

But here’s where I’m at deep in my core, raw and unfiltered. While I’m without a doubt addicted to the world building and whirlwind adventures writing can bring to life, I think moreover I cherish the structure it brings. Life has this way of grabbing you by the throat, hurling you towards the next thing. Go here. Do this. Be that. There’s always that push. Words though…some take time. Some take research. Some take days, months, years even to percolate to their final form. It’s a unique development both internal and external, entirely hinged on what the words themselves want to say. Honestly, my subconscious has built such a protective wall it almost seems like words on a page are the only true gate left inside. Tragedy, love, loyalty, apathy: they’re all rooted in me the same as always and yet they require more of me than I’ve experienced in my past.

**Again, we’re hookin’ a hard turn here. Bare with me.**

Over the past month, I’ve paid careful attention to the #writingcommunity (I mean I always do, but deeper still) and I noticed something. SO MANY WONDERFUL PEOPLE ARE FEELING THE SAME WEIGHTS I AM! While we all have our own struggles, I noticed there seemed to be a trend in days and times. One heartbreak on my feed after another. (Gah, I just wish I could reach out and hug everyone!) And, like a lightbulb, I realized a common energy hidden within the turmoil, regardless how different the personal circumstances: a creative block. Writing is hardly easy, but this felt different. A strange, yet mutually experienced energy. An influence, a common string between us all. Naturally, I turned to the stars. The heavens if you will. And what did I find? Well, allow me to share the bare bones.

**Let the record show I am by NO MEANS a trained astrologer, and in energetic matters I encourage everyone to take shared thoughts with a grain of salt. YOU know what’s best for YOU.**

In regards to the influential energies I discovered in MY homework, I think the heavy hurts and hearts are due in part to planets in retrograde (when in retrograde, we tend to feel a planet’s adverse or less palatable energies.) And while four planets are currently in this state, I think Neptune requires careful attention this month.

Foreverconcious.com says it perfectly: “Neptune is the planet of art, creativity, magic, and spirituality. It also represents the veil between illusion and reality. Neptune’s energy is actually quite strong all through the month of June, and while retrograde, it is going to be helping us to sort through areas of our lives that we feel a bit foggy or confused about.”


In a nutshell, this month is a zinger, but can be incredibly beneficial if treated with care. It aims to help us grow and better understand our inner selves. You know it, I’m sure. That still small voice inside which alerts you when something is “off” or “not right”. THAT one. This month I encourage you to tap into it, really hear what it says of you and for you. Is there a specific change you’ve been considering? Maybe a project you’ve put on hold in fear the inspiration may not be there? FEEL it, lovelies. In the words of Jiminy Cricket—“Always let your conscious be your guide.”

So, for anyone wondering why life is a tad…tense, maybe, just maybe, it’s the stars. Be gentle and patient with yourself, take some extra breaths, and for sheesh sake, GIVE YOURSELF SOME GRACE! Create when you want to create, but don’t be afraid to stand still in those moments of reflection when they come. They are so precious and transformative!

Know you aren’t alone in these trying times, for the energy that holds the one, holds us all.

Until next time, be kind to yourself, lovelies. ❤


If you care to read more from foreverconscious.com, follow the link below:



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